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"Since 🎧 Verstehen, fühlen, glücklich sein is a side project to our main product, it is hard for us as a small team to spend dedicated resources to it. Thanks to David's guidance we found focus. He helped us define our next steps so that the podcast can bring actual growth to our product."
"Our podcast 🎧 Marketing on Fire has developed very well and achieved a stable listener base. The challenge now is to attract new listeners and increase our reach. This should be done in a constant and structured way, with scalable methods. In the very well-structured workshop with David, we discussed many options. From there we selected and prioritized the ones that were right for us. The whole thing was packed into a concrete roadmap that we can use to test and further develop the approaches."
"My biggest pain point has always been that although I have lots of ideas, I just can't manage to turn them into a proper plan. So what I've been trying to do since I started my podcast a year ago, David and I managed to do within three hours: we worked out a distribution strategy, prioritized the planned methods, defined to-dos and created a calendar of when I want to focus on what."
"The podcast workshop with David was exactly what I needed! I've already scratched the absolute time limit and realized that I needed to create much less new marketing material. Instead, I'm now documenting my thoughts and doing on the way to a new episode. My listeners can follow this process on Instagram in real time."
"After a year in the planning for 🎧 Alpha and OMG, the workshop brought a lot of structure and a huge collection of ideas to our project. We were able to work out our roles precisely so that we can fully rely on our strengths as a team in production and distribution in the future. David also emphasized the importance of a well-orchestrated launch of the podcast, which we are now working towards with a lot of focus and clarity."
"For us journalists (or content producers, as you like) distribution has not really been our main focus or strength. We knew how to find, research, and tell good stories. But often backed down when it came to spreading the word about them. Working with David has shown us, how valuable and sustainable, but also relatively easy distribution can be when you integrate it from day one. All there is left to do now: Convince our clients of that message:)"
"Does a podcast exist if it is not listened to? David asked our team this philosophical question at the beginning and showed us how important it is to think about distribution from the beginning to the end in a project: in financing, conception and distribution. Thank you for your expertise."
"Together with St. Audio, we are accelerating
the growth of our daily music podcast 🎧 Popfilter.
The Growth Club helps the team to evaluate the process, gives helpful advice and the personal experience from David enriches our own perspective. The first meetings and activities
had already a direct impact on the listenership
of the Popfilter. We are excited about all the
new perspectives and the whole team is looking forward to the next months of collaboration!"
"The workshop provided a space for in-depth reflection and discussions that I otherwise don't have much time for in my everyday life. It showed me that I should take a more strategic approach to collaborations for building reach and workings with advertisers. David also encouraged me to finally start a newsletter to accompany the podcast, which is already proving to be a profitable addition."

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